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Pan-fried tofu with Kimchi

A cook can tell how popular a dish is about three minutes after it’s made. The plate hits the pass, a heated counter where the Head Chef assembles the final presentation and adds garnish, and it’s swiftly taken by a waitress to the customer.

As the food glides past other hungry souls still waiting to place their order, the enticing aroma and vivid colours work their magic. The decision is both impulsive and unanimous: “I’ll have what they’re having.”

And, boom. You’re suddenly hit with seven more orders all at once. C’est la vie.

Our signature tofu dish is a symbiotic and entirely apolitical relationship between fiery Korean cabbage kimchi, and soothing, tender Japanese tofu. The tofu is lightly dusted with cornflour, dropped into a smoking hot frying pan and stir-fried until crispy and golden. Kimchi and a generous pinch of garlic chives are added at the last moment; the sudden addition of moist cabbage leaves often results in two-foot flames roaring out of the pan. The garlicky, spicy kimchi juices quickly reduce and coat the tofu in a beautiful crimson glaze. Never has simplicity been so dramatic.

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