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We’ve been grilling the loins of Iberico pigs for several years now. The acorn scented fat is amazing when scorched over open fire and the flesh just melts in the mouth.

However many of our loyal Japanese customers don’t want melt in the mouth, they need something more,  something to chew – more bite.

It was a friend of ours at Freedown foods who first popped in some secreto for us to try and we became instantly obsessed.

Off-putting to many Secreto must be cooked rare. The balance between the meat, marbling and high fibre content gives more texture than the conventional cuts without being tough, more time in the mouth, more flavour.

The mystery comes about from where this cut is actually from.

Many believed it is the pork equivalent of a skirt steak, others argued it was the cap from the ribs. On our travels not too far from Seville we were about to find out.

Rumour has it that it was called ‘secreto’ as most butchers denied its existance, considering it too good to sell and keeping it for themselves. At first they were tight lipped, It was only after introducing  them to the delights of Japanese whisky that they spilt the beans.

The secret of this small triangle from just behind the pigs shoulder was out and whilst we drank and danced into the night a deal was struck to have a supply shipped over to the UK.

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