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back on the road

In July due to increasing rents, creative differences and an incident with a traffic warden we finally sold our run down old yakitori joint in Soho.

Rather than spend the rest of the Summer watching the place slowly get pulled apart in its transformation into yet another all encompassing, mediocre Japanese brand we packed the kit into the back of a transit and set off to grill our way across the fields and festivals of Europe.

It was a return to how we started eight years ago but a lot more fun. As the street and festival food scene all over Europe has exploded it has become a more friendly place.  Customers more food savvy and keen to explore new tastes, other traders more varied, qualified and less obsessed with trying to make a fast buck. The only exception was Germany….we won’t go back there.

We are now back in the UK and whilst we hunt tirelessly for a new permanent home we will be continuing to ply our trade from the stall and anywhere else we can find to pop up.

We will be using the blog to keep updates on what we are cooking and some of the things we have found on our travels.

First on this list a mystery solved in Spain (see Secreto)

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