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Negima: chicken thigh with spring onion

If you ask any of our chefs what the most popular yakitori skewer at Bincho is, everyone will reply with the same answer: negima. Three tiny syllables, three ingredients, an elegant haiku encapsulating everything that is wonderful about yakitori.

As is often the case, the simplest things are timeless. Free-range British chicken thigh and fresh, crisp spring onion is threaded alternately onto bamboo skewers; the moist, succulent, almost earthy flavour of the chicken is beautifully contrasted with the nasal bite of the spring onion. This winning combination is finished with our secret soy and sake-blended tare sauce, glazed to sticky perfection over charcoal.

We sell over a thousand negima every week, each one painstakingly hand-made from raw ingredients every day. If you lined them all up end-to-end, they would total more than one-and-a-half times the length of Wembley Stadium’s football pitch, and over three times the length of an Olympic-sized swimming pool.

That’s a hell of a lot of chicken.

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