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Welcome, Gastronauts

Welcome, gastronauts. Blood+Wasabi is a blog documenting the day-to-day swearing, sweating and shouting (and, occasionally, cooking) behind the scenes at Bincho, London’s only restaurant specialising exclusively in traditional Japanese charcoal-grilled skewers.

Blood+Wasabi is the probably the only English-language blog dedicated entirely to the Japanese art of yakitori, it’s complimentary dishes and beverages. It’s almost certainly the only English-language blog about yakitori written from the perspective of cold-blooded professionals. Our food is bold, simple, exciting, sometimes dangerous and always pretension-free. Much like our chefs.

AA Gill once described the experience of yakitori at Bincho as ‘essentially Japanese tapas – things to eat while getting drunk, so that salarymen can lurch into lap-dancing clubs with their fingers smelling of barbecue sauce… it doesn’t have the inscrutable cultural vanity of sushi’.

Amen to that.

If you aren't sure what Yakitori is, see Yakitori: an introduction

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