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Takeaway - closed

Next available dates -

The takeaway service is now closed.

Friday and Saturday nights

Pick up from 4.30pm - 9pm

The Menu is refreshed weekly.

Orders can be placed by email from 9.00am on the Monday before or if you prefer by telephone from 10.00am on the Wednesday before.

How it works

1. Choose your food and drink from the menu below.

2. Decide on the time you want to pick up.

3. Email or Call 01273779021. Tell us what you want and when you want it.

4. We will find and confirm a suitable pick up slot, tell you how much it is and either take payment over the phone {preferred} or you can pay by cash or card when you pick up.

5. When the time comes pick your order up from the pick up table at the front of the restaurant.

{We recommend parking on the pavement opposite the restaurant in front of Gung Ho cocktail bar}

No Walk Ins,


Yakitori - grilled skewers [2 per portion]

chicken and spring onion - 3.9

chicken thigh - 3.9

chicken wing -3.7

chicken skin - 3.5

chicken meatball -3.9

pork belly -3.9

asparagus and bacon -3.7

quail eggs and bacon -3.5

tomatoes and bacon -3.5

salmon -3.9

shishito peppers -3.5


kara-age Japanese fried chicken - 6.5

Korean chicken wings - 6.5

cauliflower 'Korean style' -5.5

Small Dishes/Salad

Edamame - 3.3

Kimchi - 3.5

Pickles - 3.5

Vine tomato and leaf salad, tamari and bonito flakes- 4.9

Grilled cos lettuce salad, caesar, nori - 5.4

Tofu and tenderstem broccoli salad, miso sesame dressing-4.9

Grilled sweetcorn, miso butter -4.5

Aubergine and miso - 4.7

Charred sweet potato - 4.5


Plain rice - 3

Kimchi rice - 4.2

Butter garlic rice -4

Yaki onigiri {grilled rice} - 3.5


ebi katsu sub - 7.5

panko prawns, 7-11 potato salad, katsu black garlic sauce, brioche roll

Korean chicken burger - 8

crispy chilli thigh, kewpie seaweed slaw, pickled cue.

Wagyu sando - 9.5

braised wagyu shin, comte, kraut, Thousand island, toasted Hokkaido milk bread

filet 'ooo' fish - 8.5

whole panko bream fillet, seaweed tartare, pickle cue, emmental,


white chocolate, yuzu and green tea finger - 4.8


Ramune - 2.5

Sipsup lemonade - 3

Takara umeshu [750ml]-22.50

Nigori [500ml]- 10.50

Ozeki ginkan {1.8lt} - 45

funaguchi 200ml - 7

mitani fujio {1.8lt} - 65

Coke, Diet, Sprite, sparkling water 1.75

Frobishers / Folkingtons juice 2.75

Menu subject to daily changes

Please notify of us of any allergies or food intolerance before you order

We are determined to make Bincho Yakitori a fortress against Covid 19.

We will be working on minimum staff levels, testing staff regularly, observing social distancing measures wherever possible. All surfaces will be sanitised constantly and the whole joint bleached daily. Please help us by arriving on time for your order, wearing a face mask and hand sanitising.

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